Crown Stop Fence



The Crown Stop Fence has two parallel “T” grooves cut into the face of the fence paired with a stop bar that slides freely up and down on the face of the fence to adjust to any size crown molding. The Crown Stop Fence is also taller, so no height is lost with the stop bar in use. The stop bar stores on the back of the fence when done or not in use. Simply unlock your existing fences, slide them out, and slide your new Crown Stop Fences back in place and lock! These fences are replacement fences designed to stay on the saw for daily use.

Always with you and ready to go!

Try out The Crown Stop Fence and see the difference today!

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Pictured: The Crown Stop Fence above Dewalt stock fences

The Crown Stop Fence is taller and of higher quality than this leading brand, and it also has the installed stop bar for ease of use!

What Our Customers Say

You solved an age old problem…Your product will only get better in time.

– Paul



Been cutting crown for over 20 years and I must say that is a brilliant idea. Especially for beginners.

– Michael



What an Unreal idea. Wow. I learned how to cut crown on it’s flat because I hated the upside down… But this here sir is a game changer. Nicely done. 

– Mike



This is brilliant.

– Domonic


Good job capitalizing on this. We are all kicking ourselves in the butt for not taking it to your level.

– Valdr



…Eliminated the need for two saws on your site just like that.

– Ted



Meet the Inventor

Scott Fontana

Scott Fontana, the creator and owner of The Crown Stop Fence was born in Massachusetts in 1970 with his fathers hands, he was raised by his Mother and now lives with his wife who strongly supports his entrepreneurial efforts.

Scott started his cabinet making career in 1987 in Westboro, Massachusetts. After installing Crown moldings for more than 25 years he felt there must be a better way to cut crown molding. The jigs and stops avaliable just were not right and a miter saw naturally kicks a molding torward the fence not the user. This is how Scott came up with the idea and created the best Crown stop on the market.

There is no Miter saw out there with a built in Crown stop on the face of the fence. In 2019 Scott strarted his journey to develop the Crown Stop Fence. Over two years in the making, the Crown Stop Fence is ready for the world to share its benefits. Special thanks to those that have helped develop the Crown Stop Fence inlcuding: Chris Coghlin, Mike Healy, David Huang, Mike Canavan, Matt Mulholland, Shane Vigeant and Sohdi.

Give the Crown Stop Fence a try today and he is sure that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase!

Crown Molding Specialist

Scott Fontana has been installing Crown molding for over 25 years, installing thousands of feet of moldings in some of the nicest homes and businesses in the NorthEast. With all his experience, Scott would never cut Crown Molding again without The Crown Stop Fence. Its a must have!

Highly Recommended

The Crown Stop Fence has been highly regarded in the woodworking community. Ever since it’s debut in early 2022, The Crown Stop Fence has been the best Crown molding stop on the market!

100% Customer Satisfaction

Scott is confident that you will be satisfied with The Crown Stop Fence but if you do have any questions or concerns, you can contact him here at [email protected].